Caverns and Covens

“I told you not to return here without it, Daughter,” Grandmother Narry said with a clipped tone, not bothering to look up from the cauldron before her.

Sassmyr bobbed her head in a quick nod. “I did track it down, Grandmother,” she offered between panted breaths. She felt as though she had run here without pause from the underground city, and wondered if the contents of the cauldron might be edible. There was no telling with some of Grandmother Narry’s creations. “And I can have it freed and returned to you, with a little help.”

Guttural roars erupted from the forest outside, shaking the walls of the treetop hut. Higher-pitched voices answered with calls for fire and lightning from the sky, and the Vast Blue was more than happy to answer.

Grandmother Narry gestured to the window beside her. “Does it look like I can offer you help, Daughter? If you had returned successfully, we could put an end to these attacks, but since you continue to fail, we will continue to lose Fangs every day!” She tapped the wooden spoon on the side of the cauldron, and tested the mixture with a taste from her fingertip.

“It is well guarded, and hidden,” Sassmyr added, “but I know that with two or three Daughters, and perhaps with Mother Nesvit—”

“Mother Nesvit is the only one keeping us alive!” Grandmother Narry snarled, and hefted up the cauldron with unnatural strength. “It’s times like these, Sassmyr, where you have to be creative.” With that, she rested the cauldron on the windowsill and tipped it forward, the steaming concoction falling to the battleground below. The guttural shouts turned to cries of panic, as the assailants retreated before Grandmother Narry’s creativity.

Not edible, then.

Sassmyr nodded. “I will… get creative, Grandmother.” She bowed again, and left the hut.

In this 2nd through 11th-level adventure for Pathfinder Second Edition, the PCs uncover a dark conspiracy surrounding a customizable intelligent item known as Shavix. This automaton no longer wishes to be used for destruction, but his creator, a night hag named Sivilgix, will stop at nothing to wrest back control of him to maintain her dominance in the soul trade. Along the way, the PCs defend a city against a siege, mount a rescue mission in an underground derro city, navigate a twisted underground labyrinth, sabotage a massive coven of hags, and expose Sivilgix’s allies among the nobility in a morass of political intrigue. This adventure makes use of several subsystems in the Pathfinder Gamemastery Guide, and includes rules for customizing Shavix as a critical adventuring ally, 80 NPCs and new creatures, and a player’s guide with campaign-specific backgrounds.

If your group would prefer to start at 1st level, you can begin with the prologue module Ruins of Pinegarde, an adventure for 1st level, available for free on DriveThruRPG. The events of this module lead directly into Chapter 1 of Caverns and Covens.

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