Ruins of Pinegarde

Professor Welgrin Scrabner, of the Imperial Navy’s Sealight Academy, seeks immediate assistance with the retrieval of important equipment for scientific research. Some travel is required, hazards are likely expected. Commensurate compensation is offered. Task must be completed before the Annual Imperial Naval Engineering Expo. Please direct inquiries to Office 161 of the Naval Enclave.

In this first-level adventure for Pathfinder Second Edition, a simple retrieval mission to the abandoned town of Pinegarde begins to unravel a mystery involving a nearby coven of hags. To complete their task in time, the PCs will need to fend off invasive gremlins, negotiate with a ghostly cleric, and defend themselves against a chilling hidden enemy.

If your group enjoys this module, you can continue the story in Caverns and Covens, a sequel adventure for 2nd through 11th levels, available on DriveThruRPG. The events of this module lead directly into Chapter 1 of Caverns and Covens.

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