Token Marker Set (Pathfinder)

This is a set of 76 different Token Markers, primarily intended for use on They come in 512x512px png format, ideal for uploading to Roll20.

Uploading custom token markers is free for any Roll20 user, even without a subscription. See links in the included credits page. This set replaces the default markers, which do not capture Pathfinder conditions well.

This set includes markers for the Scarred Lands setting, including markers for all core Pathfinder 2E (Second Edition) conditions, as well as some generally useful markers and some variants to pick from for the more ambivalent conditions. They are, by default, ordered by relation. They are also colored depending on whether the status is neutral or provides a bonus or a malus.

The markers were designed with clarity in mind, even when viewed from far away/at a very low zoom level. I was trying to find a good compromise between expressiveness and clarity. All markers are based on icons from and have been altered for extra clarity.

This product is produced by Onyx Path Publishing and is priced at $1.00


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