Amazing Universe Non-Player Character Deck (Super-Powered by M&M)


Keep all the friends, foes, and bystanders close at hand with this handy collection of reference cards featuring NPCs that you can commonly find in the realm of Super-Powered by M&M. Each card is printed and provides that character’s statistics for quick and easy reference for game play. With each encounter, show the players who their characters are facing while keeping the NPC’s abilities at the ready, and watch your games come alive! This deck contains the following NPC:

  • PL0 – Bystander; Controlled Zombie
  • PL1- Cult Acolyte, Reporter, Scientist
  • PL2 – Criminal; Cult Initiate; Gang Leader; Goon; Skeleton; Street Informant; Zombie
  • PL3 – Cult Adept; Goon; Government Aide; Ninja Novice; Police Chief; Thug
  • PL4 – Bodyguard; Crime Lord; Cult Master; Demon, Imp; Government Agent; Government Analyst; Militant; Ninja Adept; Police Officer; Robot, Small; Soldier, Green
  • PL5 – Ninja Master; Robot, Medium; Quick Response Agent; Soldier; Swat Officer
  • PL6 – Alien Brute; Alien Predator; Alien Soldier; Demon, Warrior; Hitman; Soldier, Veteran
  • PL7 – Robot, Large; Soldier, Elite
  • PL8 – Demon, Brute; Demon, Temptation; Power Armored Guard; Security Drone
  • PL10 – Robot, Colossal


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