Conjoined Archetypes

A tabletop RPG like Pathfinder plays best when a team of adventurers works together. However, most character options are written for the individual PC, leaving it up to the players to create synergies from independent pieces. The 14 conjoined archetypes in this book present rules options for PCs to formalize their synergies by taking complementary feats.

The chosen one and divine guardian cooperate on a divinely ordained quest, with the chosen one falling into and out of the gods’ will.
The members of a cloister boost each other with prayer to their common deity.
A con artist crew combines their skills to pull off a major score.
A conflagration of spellcasters enchances each other’s magic.
A group of conspirators cooperates on hiding their tracks while they pursue a secretive goal.
A handler and informant work to leverage the resources of law enforcement and the criminal underworld.
A mage guardian and wandering mage form a magical bond that enhances both of their abilities, if they can keep each other alive.
Your PCs can get married!
Each member of a ship crew takes on a special role, joining in putting their backs into their work.
A sidekick works alongside of (and sometimes provides cover for) a vigilante.
A troupe of performers cavorts their way through hijinks on and off the battlefield.

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