Beyond the Serpentine Lock

In ages past, a tiefling witch sequestered herself within a trap-laden tomb to acquire immortality for herself and her daughter. The witch must have failed, for her tomb has been sealed behind a serpent-shaped lock since that day. A clever adventurer found a way into the tomb centuries ago, but was never seen again. Now, her key has fallen into the hands of a descendant, who commissions the heroes to breach the ancient tomb and recover the adventurer’s remains. But this is no mere dungeon crawl; the heroes must overcome devious traps, intricate puzzles, a village of wary lizardfolk, and ancient betrayals to unearth a lost legacy. “Beyond the Serpentine Lock” is a wilderness and dungeon adventure for 3rd-level Pathfinder Second Edition characters, written by Ron Lundeen, with illustrations by Marco Morte and Sandro Rybak and cartography by Marco Morte and Hugo Solis.

This product is produced by Rogue Genius Games and is priced at $9.95


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