Path to the Paladin Queen’s Forest

Your party plunges into the gloomy depths of the forest. A mother’s tears drive you on — you agreed to look for her son who went poaching in the queen’s royal forest and hasn’t returned. You noticed a pair of odd wooden totems among the trees, but that’s in the back of your mind now. The lad might be dead, but he might also be alive and in any of a number of different kinds of trouble. 

Then it hits you — you’ve completely lost your bearings. The forest blots out the sun and there are no landmarks, just trees and more trees. Are you facing north, south, east, west? You don’t know. Forget the boy; at this point could you even save yourself by leaving the forest the way you came? And is that a bear you hear? According to the random encounters table, that’s possible….

Path to the Paladin Queen’s Forest is compatible with Pathfinder 2E, but it includes notes for running it with Pathfinder 1E. It is published under the Open Game License and it doesn’t specify a setting, so that you can integrate it into your own campaign world.

This product is produced by Ramen Sandwich Press and is priced at $2.99


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