100 Random Room Descriptions Volumn 15


Oftentimes we find ourselves sitting around the table, with a set adventure path before our players, and the inevitable happens. One player is overtaken with wanderlust and must check every location except the one set before them. No problem. Within this collection are 100 different location descriptions. Some empty, some inhabited, some are named locations, while others are a free-for-all of random rooms and stores. Whether catering to an over-adventurous role-player or just looking to generate a random location filled with different rooms this collection of location descriptions are categorized as a handy table capable of handling either situation.

How to Use This Book

Grab a set of percentile dice (d100) and roll to determine what the random room is that your players may have just entered. Caution as some of these rooms contain living creatures. Partner this table with any random encounter table and a random treasure table to create fully in-depth encounter So gather your players, roll your dice

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