City of Mist: Overlooked Attractions

Overlooked Attractions provides MCs with 40 exciting new locations and intriguing locals with which to populate their City. Each of these new items is designed for a specific narrative situation such as the crew seeking more information, recovering from a violent encounter, or requiring arbitration or mediation with an Avatar.

Overlooked Attractions introduces some of the City’s most prominent movers and shakers, best-kept secret hideouts, and the ‘who’s who’ of street-level information brokering — expanding the Rift underworld as described in the MC Toolkit.

What’s inside:

This new expansion hosts a trove of NPCs and locations for your crew to encounter and explore, each containing:

  • Danger profiles, describing enchanted Enclaves, dens of iniquity, fearsome opponents, deceitful guides, and other essential yet dubious contacts.

  • Unique custom moves, providing vitalizing boons and debilitating banes.

  • Extra theme kits for potential allies, formidable associates, and powerful Relics.

This product is produced by Son of Oak Game Studio and is priced at $14.95


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