One Night One Shot Player Characters

This PDF includes 4 simple Pathfinder 2nd Edition player characters, a dwarven fighter, elven wizard, human cleric, and a halfling rogue. Each character also includes all of the major rules references to play that character, including feats, major class features, and spells. The PDF also includes table-tents for ease of play.

Table of Contents

1-2 Cover
3-4 Dwarf Fighter
5-8 Elf Wizard
9-12 Human Cleric
13-14 Halfling Rogue
15 Table Tents
16 OGL

This product includes two (2) PDF files.¬†While both PDFs are black and white, the “PF” file is specifically design to be more printer friendly by removing large areas of black ink.

This product is produced by Minotaur Games and is priced at $3.99


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