The Farseer

Lost in thoughts, a human wanders the corridors of an ancient temple that one of his ancestors explored centuries ago. Once he reaches the room where his forefather died, a light of knowledge coming from within awakens in his eyes, and he readies sword and spells to fight what is lurking in the shadows ahead, guarding the way forward. A feeling of familiarity is suddenly upon the dwarf as he explores the huge halls and long corridors that the rest of the party, here to reclaim the long lost treasure of an ancient dwarven civilization, still does not know about. Voices and visions spin inside the dwarf’s mind, who sees the city for what it once was, together with the events that brought death to all the explorers that came here before him. Surrounded by enemies and close to defeat, the armored elf is still and unmoving as she looks at her dying kin. In that moment of surrender, a sparkle lights in her eyes giving her the strength and knowledge to fight and then best the army of orcs, fought by her people since time immemorial.9c5d3913a27ab6e40d895cdc2acfb85b.png

Dormant Heroes

Thanks to an innate connection with the Astral Plane, a farseer è is able to tap the knowledge contained in the Collective Unconscious, a psychic container that permeates the Astral Plane. These knowledge are represented by the reminiscences, primitive principles that go beyond cultures and symbols and shared by all humanoids.

The Class

The farseer is a new versatile class that may cover different roles thanks to its reminiscences feature. Twelve reminiscences are available for the player who can customize the farseer and create different combinations of game style according to needs. At third level, a farseer choose its subclass option: eyes of the creators and eyes of the heroes, the first one awakes psionic powers whilst the second is based on the Hero’s Journey. At higher levels, the farseer obtains permanent benefits inherited from its reminiscences which determine its final.

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