City of Saltspray 30×20 Multi-Level Battlemap

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While enjoying the renowned sausages within the tavern you noticed a large crowd gathering outside, staring upward. When investigated you discover a strange looking reddish purple “portal” has appeared over the building on the other side of the street.

It remains stable for some minutes before suddenly increasing in size as a wave of small impish creatures emerge from it’s center sending the crowds that had come to watch screaming in terror. The small creatures proceed to fly around harassing citizens and damaging property before a large demonic being appears from the portal, jumping down right in front of you.

During this time if you listen closely you may be able to hear chanting coming from the building across the street.

What’s going on? A mystic lives across the street and often tells fortunes as well as performs sĂ©ances where she allows people to speak with their dead family members or ancestors.  

However this time something has gone wrong. When she tried to open a link to her clients ancestors, rather than being replied to by human relatives, a demonic entity answered her call. This is because the client, unbeknownst to themselves actually has an ancient demonic heritage. The demonic being then used this link to begin the process of opening a portal between the material plane and the hells.  

While the mystic is trying to end the séance and thus destroy the portal to the hells, they’re unable to do so without outside help as long as the large demonic being has control over her.

City of Saltspray Middle Floors

City of Saltspray

Ruins of Saltspray Top Floors

Ruins of Saltspray Top Middle

Ruins of Saltspray

City of Turmburg Top Floors

City of Turmburg Top Middle 

City of Turmburg

Ruins of Turmburg Top Floors 

Ruins of Turmburg Top Middle 

Ruins of Turmburg

City of Vohenheim Top Floors 

City of Vohenheim Top Middle 

City of Vohenheim

Ruins of Vohenheim Top Floors 

Ruins of Vohenheim Top Middle

Ruins of Vohenheim


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