7th Birthday! 60% Sale! Plus brand new giant maps!

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It’s our 7th Anniversary!  And that means it’s time for our annual sale. We’ve taken 60% off every map over at DrivethruRPG.

We also like to always do something special, and this year we thought we’d revisit a map that started it all, seven years ago. Our first ever map, Greystone Dungeon, went onto Drivethru in July 2013, after we wanted to make some maps for a Hero Quest homebrew game. We wanted to revisit Greystone Dungeon now, partly to see how far we’ve come, but also to use the name again!

Return to Greystone Dungeon, a giant 50×50 map, is only $1. And a corresponding new upper level, the Ruins of Greystone Castle, has 60% off. 

The sale runs from now until July 15th

Patreon Birthday Competitions!

It wouldn’t be a Birthday celebration without some games! We’re going to be holding three ‘Sweepstakes’ for anyone that enters, with some rather cool prizes. On Friday, Sunday & Tuesday we’ll be posting a poll. To enter the competition, you just need to submit a vote in the poll, and then the following day we’ll be picking a lucky random winner from those that entered. What are the prizes, I hear you ask?

Saturday’s Winner – Choose the theme/location for September’s Map of the Month

Monday’s Winner – Choose the theme/location for September’s Sci-Fi Map!

Wednesday’s Winner – A map commission!  The winner will be able to work with us to create a 30×30 fantasy  themed battlemap of their choice 

So, look out for those polls if you’d like to enter!

Thanks to everyone that has supported us over the years!

Joe & Sarah


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