The Warlock’s Arms

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Tavarel, the one-eyed wiry owner in her mid-40s, is gruff but welcoming – she enjoys hearing gossip and only spreads it with care (and never spreads anything true about the thieves guilds until the subject is already common knowledge). She doesn’t pay well though, and her staff rotates frequently (and have little loyalty to her or the guilds – it is far likelier that you will get information about thieves guild activities through the manger boy or the cook than through Tavarel).

The Warlock’s Arms is also a frequent gathering point for the Benevolent Society of Hill Street Gardeners (one of the three small thieves guilds in town) who appreciate the owner’s hearty venison stew served a few times a week. Generally 1d10-4 members of the guild will be here at any particular time while the inn is open, and there’s a 10% chance that one or more associates of the guild are currently staying in one of the rooms.


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