Map Pack One

Map Pack One includes 25 isometric, high quality, fantasy maps for virtual tabletop roleplaying games. Plus bonus maps, alternates, and adventure hooks! Available as jpg, png, and pdf. Also, includes extra large files for high quality printing.

Ready to use – These maps have been playtested, resized, and had tokens dropped on ’em using a popular virtual tabletop. They are ready to modify with all the monsters a GM can muster.

Quality – More than mere inspiration, these maps were made using Inkarnate Pro with gameplay in mind. These maps are huge (2048 x 2048 in most cases) and can be resized, shrank, or zoomed with less image loss than other digital gaming assets.   


Available with or without grid. Map Pack One includes both versions!


Several maps come with variants including night scenes, pre-populated maps, and alternate stamps. 

Here’s a complete list of the maps you’ll receive:


Ghost Town

Canal Town

Farm Village

Viking Village

Boss Rooms

Evil Throne Room

Volcanic Cave

Air Dojo

Forest Spirit Shrine

Multi Tier Maps

Dungeon Keep

Return of the Ancient 

Ice Cave

Focused Interiors

Water Oracle

Dungeon Cells

Warehouse Heist w/ night scene variant

A Tithe for the Goddess

Ready Made Encounters

Desert Ruins

Massacre in the Woods 

Glacier Encounter

Mountain Paradice

Sunken Temple

Trials of the Tower

Multi Function

Sewer Lair w/ dwelling alternate

Outside Inn w/ night scene alternate

Village Street w/ populated and night scene alternate

Desert Canyon  

This product is produced by Status Effect Games LLC and is priced at $12.00


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