Pirate’s Secret Cove 30×20 Battlemap

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You’ve been tasked by the city guard to investigate and shut down a smuggling ring which is responsible for bringing in and distributing a substance that has recently become illegal. The drug has been connected with a string of violent incidents and a marginal increase in indecent exposure.

The city guard is unable to inform you to exact nature of the substance but those who have been caught using it call it “Red Devil” and have been found in the sleazier parts of the city.

When you manage to track the smugglers to a small cove just outside the city. You’re meet by a merry band of men celebrating within a cavern who are quick to draw their swords when you approach.

Inside the barrels you find the so called drug… fermented crab meat!

Further into the cave you also come across a man in rags locked in a cell. He begs for you to let him out, explaining that he was in charge of the importing of the fermented crab meat but when it was banned he decided to hire on some smugglers as the profit was to good to give up. However when the smugglers he had hired figured out they could run the entire operation themselves they threw him into a cell.

What is going on? A powerful merchant who had previously cornered the market on exotic aphrodisiacs, was shocked when his products stopped selling. A new aphrodisiac had been selling on the streets, fermented crab meat. The merchant used his connections within the cities authorities to get it banned, but it only increased it’s value as it started to be smuggled into the city.

Beach Cavern

Spawning Pool

Ice Lair of the Dreamer

Lair of the Deep Dweller

Cavern of Whispers


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