FlexTale Solo Adventuring QuickStart (multisystem: Pathfinder, P2E, 5E, OSR))

SUMMER 2020: Launch Discount & Full FTEG SAT

To celebrate the launch of the QuickStart, the price is only $1 (versus a normal price of $5).  

Anyone who buys the QuickStart now will receive a discount on the full FTEG Solo Adventuring Toolkit to reflect their early investment, and in recognition of the fact that the entirety of the QuickStart will be included in the full FTEG SAT.

FlexTale Solo Adventuring QuickStart (QS)

The QuickStart is the first section of the complete and more expansive in-development Solo Adventuring Toolkit.  The QuickStart was designed to be a valuable player and GM aid in traditional, social group play as a standalone product.

Unlike some “prepless” tools, the Adventuring QuickStart lets GMs or solo players alike immediately jump into the action, rolling a d20 and generating a dynamic, interesting, and level-appropriate dungeon with zero preparation or reading.

The Adventuring QuickStart features the FlexTale approach to gaming design: the content herein supports ANY set of PCs of ANY level, and scales accordingly.  No two dungeons are the same.

Although the Adventuring QuickStart was designed first and foremost as a component of the Solo Adventuring Toolkit, its powerful content tools are equally useful to help dedicated G/DMs to generate feature-rich, engaging adventures with zero preparation.

The Solo Adventuring QuickStart features:

  • Over 25 FlexTables, each capable of generating an infinite number of adventure content elements with the simple roll of a d20.
  • Dungeon map templates to make dynamic dungeon crawling simple and easy to keep track of.
  • Simplified FlexAI rules to drive dynamic and interesting creature behavior in combat.

Solo Adventuring from Infinium Game Studio

This product is produced by Infinium Game Studios and is priced at $1.00


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