Ravenwood’s Crypt 40×30 Battlemap

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Ravenswood was once a lush and beautiful forest, full of woodland animals and prized within the realm, however after an ancient seal was breached, that all changed. A rot set in, corrupting the woods and the creatures that lived within, shaping their bodies into horrific caricatures of their previous forms, while the trees wept black sap and their leaves crumpled and died.

You’ve been hired by a one Lord Ralbruct to enter this woodland and find an old tomb belonging to the great sir Robert and the order of the rose. Inside you’ll find his equipment along with his last will and testament as well as some other documents. The lord who has hired you to find this tomb is fine with you keeping the equipment and whatever else you find within the tomb but desperately wants the will and other documents.  

What’s happening? When sir Robert and the rest of the order of the rose were killed, the king had this special tomb built to house their bodies as well as their other belongings, including a deed to a large castle that the order of the rose held.  

This castle was given to another lord over Lord Ralbruct however and when the belongings of the order where moved to the tomb the deed was misplaced. Without the deed the other lords hold over the castle is shaky and thus Lord Ralbruct hopes to obtain the deed and thus challenge this other lord to to ownership of the castle.

Vault of King’s Pride

Pirate King’s Tomb

Primeval Crypt

Crypt of Airy Peaks

Catacombs of Silence


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