August’s Alt-Version Preview

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If you recall, the August Map of the Month is the snowy Mount Torvus, and the three variants made for it were the hellish Scorchnight, the underdark Sanctuary and the tropical Sydon’s Grotto.

For the alts, we asked you to suggest interiors for each of them.

Well, we got a little carried away!

First, we wanted the interiors to be tailored to each location, so that meant 4 maps. And then we wanted to give you options, so we made 2 for each (so that’s 8 maps).  But then we also wanted to make really exciting locations, so we expanded them to be a bit larger than our typical ‘interior’ maps. In fact, you’ll be getting four 20×20 maps and four 10×30 (or slightly narrower) maps!

That’s a lotta maps!

They are, for each of the surface maps:

Mount Torvus – Dwarven Tomb (10×30) and Circle of the SkyGod (20×20)

Sanctuary of the Fallen – Well of Bones (8×30) and Spider Tombs (20×20)

Scorchnight – The Last Portal (10×30) and The Dark Forge (20×20)

Sydon’s Grotto – Hall of Traps (6×30) and Pirate Den (20×20)

Plenty of options, and hopefully inspiring stuff for your campaigns!

These will be in the August reward bundle


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