Shadowfell Toll Station 30×20 Battlemap

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A supernatural darkness has crept over the kingdom, consuming small towns and villages. The darkness seems to warp those within it, distorting them into horrible creatures. You’ve been tasked to find the origin of this affliction, which seems to be coming from the depths of the forest and to stop it.

Before you leave, a cleric approaches and hands you a small artifact. He explains that the artifact releases an aura of light similar to daylight and that you should never leave it’s presence as he postulates that leaving the light most likely will result in you being changed, like so many others.

You take the trade road and final reach the edge of the darkness, here the trees are rotted and dying, gnarled roots permeate the grounds and an ever present gloom pervades the air, blocking out the sky.  

You continue further into the forest making sure to always stay within the safety and comfort of the artifacts light, when you finally reach a small oozing stream, it’s riverbed containing broken bones and before you, your first challenge.

The king’s men used to keep guard in this old toll station, taking tolls to help maintain the roads and keep them safe. You’ll need to raise the boom gate to continue further into the forest however when you enter the toll station you noticed a disheveled man is scribbling notes on a book and repeating garbled words to himself, his eyes but empty sockets. He ignores you.  

If you try and raise the boom gate, he screams out and tries to stop you but his words make no sense. The boom gate’s rusty chain grinds as the gate starts to rise and takes five rounds to be fully raised. During this time horrific creatures emerge from the nearby forest and assault the toll station.

What’s Happening? Through a catastrophe the realm of shadows is bleeding into the material realm, it’s origin being a temple deep within the woods.

King’s Road Toll Station

Ravenswood Toll Station

Blossoming Forest Road

Ravenswood Trade Road

The Upside Down

Snowy Forest Road


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