A Class Reunion

For the first time in memory, the Conclave of Silverymoon is hosting a class reunion. Surprising everyone, Magus Senior Eltro Miresk recently announced a reunion to bring back former students to the Conclave. Invitations have been sent far and wide to former students, giving them enough time to make the journey back to the city of Silverymoon and their alma matter. Both the city and the school has gone through some changes in recent years, which some students may find unsettling.

The city of Silverymoon is still recovering from the aftermath of the War of the Silver Marches. A secret society known as the Eldreth Covenant want to “make Silverymoon great again”¬†and has a presence in the Conclave itself. Meanwhile, Lord Methrammar Aerasum√© has been absent for months, leaving the throne empty. But there are rumors that Lady Alustriel Silverhand will return …

This is an original adventure set in the city of Silverymoon. It is meant as a long campaign and can by played by any party of any level (recommended for characters of level 3-7). Characters with a direct connection to the Conclave can participate in the class reunion activities, but any characters should be able to find side quests and encounters. There are five adventures/quests on campus (including a heist) and five additional adventures outside the city, including two involving dragons.

This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $3.95


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