Micro Chapbook Tactics

Micro Chapbook Tactics is a set of add-on rules for the Micro Chapbook RPG system. While the basic system is designed for simplicity, quickness of play, and ease of entry, some players might desire more from their solo RPG. 

These tactical rules enhance the combat experience already present in the game by introducing a map based tactical system that utilizes miniatures. Much of combat works the same as before, but now with the addition of movement and character placement. 

This book will touch on the concepts of tactical miniatures combat and how to best integrate it into your game! This includes concepts for movement, ranged combat, line of sight, facing multiple enemies, etc. 

Finally, the end of the book contains a new stand alone game mode called Kolobard’s Arena.

This product is produced by Micro RPG and is priced at $1.99


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