700 Patrons Giant Map!

This material was posted on patreon by Heroic Maps

Last month we passed the goal of 700 Patrons, and to mark the occasion we wanted to produce a special giant map that you’ll all get. We asked for ideas around the theme of ‘The Great Outdoors’, and the poll of the shortlist picked ‘Mountain Pass’ as the winner.  

Behold – Pass of the Seven Hundred!

It was really fun to work on this map – bringing in a river, rope bridges, paths, elevation changes etc. We also couldn’t help ourselves and have produced a slight alt-variant, with crumbling ruins (clearly so bandits can shoot at you from safety..)

Both of these giant 50×50 maps will be in the August reward bundle, in addition to everything else.

But that’s not all!

We’re going to be producing 4 other variants of these maps  (winter, lava, dry/arid and haunted), and these will be for sale on DTRPG. Patrons will get a lovely discount if you’d like to pick them  up.

We’re very far past 700 patrons now, so thank you to everyone that has supported us, whether you’ve been there from the first day or have just joined us 🙂


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