1515 Delaware Avenue

A simple job getting a rich businessman across town in time to attend a hastily-called business meeting…what could go wrong? Plenty, if the civil unrest occurring in the city has anything to do with it. The heroes must navigate through pockets of rioting citizens and the dangers they create to get the entrepreneur to his destination on time. But the big surprise might be the nature of the business the man is hurrying to undertake‚Ķand the PCs find themselves smack in the middle, whether they like it or not!

1515 Delaware Avenue is a short adventure for Midnight Boulevard: 2D6 Adventure in the World of Film Noir, which uses the rules for the Traveller SRD. The adventure is also usable with Cepheus Engine and the Original Science Fiction Roleplaying Game (OSFRPG).

This product is produced by Michael Brown and is priced at $0.99


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