Creature Feature 2020 PWYW Sample

This is a sample of what happens over on my Patreon every month for folks on my $1 and $2 tier.

The folks on my $1 tier get 4 new monsters formatted as A6 monster cards + paper mini designs + VTT tokens.

And those on my $2 tier get the same monsters in a zine format that includes two full pages of fluff including Adventure Seeds to give you some ideas to work the creatures into your story.

Lastly, those on my $5 tier get to use the monster art (plus usually a few more less polished pieces) in their own projects.

All of this stuff eventually gets funneled back to DriveThru again in various forms. But my Patreon supporters also get a discount on all my content here as well.

This product is produced by Jeremy Hart and is priced at $2.00


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