Darringmoor: Resource Pack 1 Random Encounter Tables and 10 NPCs


A quote from the Esmian Cleric Mother Bytraile.


Darringmoor: Resource Pack #1 Random Encounter tables and 10 NPCs is a resource for a fantasy role playing setting. It provides tailored Random Encounter tables and ten detailed non player characters for the City of Darringmoor.  Darringmoor is a medieval port city, strategically important as it lies close to the borders of three countries – Sard, Llan and Elkia. It is also located in close proximity to Sirrith’s Veil, a weakened area between the world of Enshar and other extra-dimensional realms, including the Undead domain of Shadowland.


This source material comes complete with the Initial Random Encounter Table, Cleric Sub-Table and Special NPC Sub Table. Each of the special NPCs have an entire page devoted to them hinting at plots for the GM to get players involved with. Additional supplements planned for release in 2020 and 2021 will further expand on material outlined in Darringmoor: City of Shadows.

This product is produced by Friends of Eldoria and is priced at $1.00


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