English Eerie (Second Edition)

English Eerie Second Edition: A Rural Horror Storytelling Game for 1-4 Players is a GM-less tabletop game of terrifying proportions, allowing you to weave your own haunted tales set in the dark English countryside.

There is blood in the roots of England. Forgotten, ancient things crawl beneath its surface, haunt its manor houses and creep within its woodland. Beyond the bucolic beauty of its rolling hills and quaint villages are sinister forces at work, and you’re about to stumble headlong into them.

English Eerie uses the Eerie Engine system to help players, solo or a group, to step into the shoes of a protagonist from a classic horror tale, like those written by the likes of M.R James, Arthur Machen and Algernon Blackwood, as well as the folk horror tradition. Using the scenarios in the book you will uncover new disturbing clues, clash with other characters and succumb to the dread forces as you delve further into their mysteries. The system automatically ratchets up the tension as you go, with your protagonist becoming more helpless as the tale progresses. 

Alone by Candlelight

As a solo game you are the protagonist, writing in your journal by candlelight over a series of evenings recounting the day’s events just like in those great tales of terror. You create your protagonist using a series of desciptors and prompts, bringing these into play as the mystery unfolds.

Campfire Stories

As a group you tell the tale orally, all playing as a single protagonist. Turns pass around the circle as you describe the situation, react to cards pulled from the Story Deck and spend resources to determine the ending of the story. The book includes advice on safety mechanics – because your idea of horror might not be the same as everyone else.

The Eerie Engine

To power the game you will use a Story Deck, which can be a regular deck of cards or the official English Eerie Story Deck. Each card is related to a scene, which is cross-referenced with the scenario to discover what new plot element unfolds. Everytime a Grey Lady is revealed the tension increases and decisions need to be made. The protagonist uses Spirit and Resolve resources to overcome obstacles and horrors in their way – but they must be spent wisely for the fate of your protagonist hangs in the balance. 

An Open Game

English Eerie Second Edition is released under a creative commons sharealike license, meaning you can design and release your own hacks and scenarios. 


English Eerie contains 10 scenarios spanning multiple centuries. From stories of fell beasts on the moor, a haunted inn, a futuristic biome, a dark god and more. There’s plenty of content to keep yourself busy for many evenings. 

Note: The softcover version and card deck will be coming soon.  If you have bought a pdf, you will get 25% off the softcover version with proof of purchase. 

This product is produced by Trollish Delver Games and is priced at $7.85


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