Quick-Reference Item Trackers (5e)

I created these trackers so that I could easily keep track of the cool items that were collected in our sessions.

Use these form-fillable Quick-Reference Item Trackers during your D&D 5e games to give you a clean and concise way to keep track of the mundane, wondrous, and magical items you and your party collect.

This double-sided A4 PDF lays out nine compact trackers (2.25″x3.5″ when printed at actual size/100% scale) on the front and back of each page. Filling out the fields in the document and printing it double-sided allows you to have filled-in, double-sided trackers ready to go in no time!

Each tracker has space for the following elements on the front:

  • Item name (which carries over to the back page)
  • A short summary
  • Artwork (click the box to add a file from your computer)

…and space for these elements on the back:

  • Item name (which is carried over from the front page)
  • Detailed summary

I recommend filling in the document to suit each of the items you want after you download it, printing the document double-sided at actual size/100% scale, then cutting each tracker out. You’ll then have a neat set that you can quickly check between or during your sessions to hook your players with personalised, meaningful items unique for their characters.

Item art from Game-icons.net using CC BY 3.0 license.

Enjoy! <3

This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $2.00


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