The Crawling Caverns

“Within a sealed cavern lies the final resting place of a once-terrible necromancer, The Flesh King. Even in death the shadow of the Flesh King casts a pall over the land. A party of brave adventurers have arisen, ready to end the reign of the Flesh King once and for all.”

The Crawling Caverns is a 1st level adventure for 4-5 players. It is a straightforward cavern exploration adventure where the players will come across the cave-dwelling undead of the ancient Flesh King, ending in a an epic confrontation with the Specter of the Flesh King himself. It can be easily used as an action-packed first adventure or a one-shot. 

The module features:

  • A fully rendered map of the entire dungeon.
  • 7 different versions of the dungeon map (Light and Dark versions, each with gridded, hex and ungridded versions, as well as a DM version with room labels)
  • 5 new creepy undead creatures for use in the adventure or otherwise.
  • 1 new magic item, the ‘Philosopher’s Periapt’

This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $2.86


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