The Home of All Kindred

Gwenna Goodburrow’s Home of All Kindred is an orphanage with a unique mission: to take in the orphans of all sentient races, no exceptions. Young humans and halflings live alongside tieflings and kobolds and orcs, all under the open-hearted guidance of Headmatron Goodburrow.

But the Home’s peace is disturbed when one of the orphans goes missing, driven by a quest for vengeance against the necromancer who killed her family. Now a group of adventurers must track down the missing child before she gets hurt, and confront what it means to be given a second chance.

This one-shot Dungeons & Dragons 5e adventure is written for 3-4 level 3 characters, with an emphasis on investigation and social problem-solving.  It contains multiple hooks to get your adventurers involved with the orphanage, and different conclusions based on the choices they make.  Downloads include a stylized document, an accessible simplified document, and printable maps.

This was written as part of the Summer 2020 RPG Writers Workshop.

Content warnings for undead, grief, and childhood trauma.

This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $4.95


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