The Hunter In The Tempest


A short adventure optimized for a party of 4 level 7 characters. As as standalone this adventure should last between 4-8 hours. Additionally, this would fit in well with any Icewind Dale adventures, or snow/tundra-based ones, as despite being in Icewind dale, the geography makes no mention of pre-established places. The adventure has a loose narrative, with key locations and encounters, but is aimed more at traversal and survival than it is combat. As such, each area will have descriptions of the environment, key locations, or markings to pick up on, and a key encounter that the chapter focuses on. The aim for this adventure is to be an open sandbox environment to allow the DM to gain some experience with weather effects and running a survival horror adventure. Opportunities for interaction with NPC’s is extremely limited once the party leaves Barrowhearth.

The Story:

The party is set to investigate the mountainside at the behest of the folks at Barrowheart. A  great wizard used to live at the top of the mountain in Aphelion peaks, and may just have some books on how to rid the town of the blight. Additionaly, an invisible and deadle creature has been stalking the mountainside for years and years, getting ever closer to the town – it must be stopped. To top it all off, when the wizard went missing over a century ago, an immense blizzard was formed, shrouding much of the mountain with an unrelenting storm. If the party can solve the blight problem and any other of these long-standing issues the poeple of Barrowhearth would be extremely grateful.


  • 5 NEW NPC’s and a redeemable villain
  • Environmental effects suited to a mountain setting
  • Weather effects that impact travel and combat
  • A new terrifying curse
  • 5 UNIQUE creatures, such as the Snowdrop Angler, and the Wendigo


Isolation, darkness, being hunted, agoraphobia, gore references

This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $2.95


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