Deep Below Sharn: A one-shot adventure in Eberron

Deep Below Sharn is a two- to four-hour “one shot” adventure for level 4 characters set in the realm of Eberron. It uses a modular design to allow for shorter or longer play sessions, providing players with options on how to react to their situation. Includes a separate full-size printable player map PDF (36″ x 36″).

The adventure opens with the party entranced and imprisoned by a strange cult. A deranged wizard and a succubus charmed the party members somewhere in Sharn, likely in a tavern or secluded alley. Cultists brought them down to these ruins and placed them in their cell, hypnotized by strange glowing orbs. The players will have to decide whether to confront the cult with a bunch of strangers, or attempt to escape with their lives. Without any preamble, the game opens with each player making a Wisdom saving throw to shake off the trance and get their bearings.

Content warnings: subterranean environment, small spaces, imprisonment, tentacles, acid pool

This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $2.99


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