Psion (D&D 5e Class)

This 5e rethinking of the psion class ditches the classic “psi points” model (too reminiscent of the monk, in my opinion) in favor of a more direct playstyle. This class is considered a 1/4 caster class.

Primary ability scores for this class are primary INT and secondary CON, giving it a unique mix mechanically while also attracting a broad range of races (gnomes, dwarves, and hobgoblins all make great psions).

There are two psionic archetypes: the telepathic and the telekinetic. The telepathic emphasizes utility and spellcasting, while the telekinetic emphasizes raw battlefield control. Both feel incredible to play for their own unique reasons, and each give the player a feeling of awesome power without causing game imbalance.

I hope you enjoy and feel free to contact me with any balancing suggestions!

(Also if you play this class and love it, feel free to buy me a coffee so I can keep making these!).

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