The Orcs of Hornreach


Far to the north, the town of Hornreach marks the frontier of an empire– a foothold in a distant unclaimed land. This isolated settlement is beginning to thrive, but what about the people who have already lived there for generations?

The Orcs of Hornreach is a 4-hour adventure designed for 3rd level characters, working well as a standalone module or as part of a larger campaign. Arriving in town, they discover there is plenty of work for daring adventurers, but beneath the surface of bustling industry is an undercurrent of tension and unhappiness amongst the exploited workforce. The merchant’s guild controls the very lives of the workers there, and their ruthless expansion of the town has caused the orcs who live in the surrounding wilderness to push back with increasing force. The party must journey into the deep forest and find the source and the reason for these attacks, and decide who is truly to blame for the troubles in Hornreach.


  • A map and description of the town of Hornreach
  • A wilderness encounter table for expeditions into the forest
  • Mulitiple paths for the party to take, with multiple adventure outcomes
  • Monster and NPC stat blocks for the DM’s convenience
  • Adventure hooks to get your party into the wilds
Content Warning: Racism, Economic Exploitation