The Wild Hunt

The night of Samhain falls, and the Feywild rejoices. This year, Samhain falls on the same night as the Wild Hunt, and this hunt promises to be one that will never be forgotten. Mortals from all across the Sword Coast are invited to the Samhain Feast of King Witchthorn, lord of Kryptgarden forest. Little do they know that they will end the night pursued by their hosts in a deadly game of life and death.

The Wild Hunt is a six to eight hour adventure intended for four 5th-level players. It contains two segments: the first is a feast in which players make merry with fairies, firbolg, werewolves, and more. The second is a hunt in which players strive desperately to stay one step ahead of the fair folk.

This supplement uses two unique fey from supplements that I have published previously: the lunathil and the verdani. However, it also introduces four entirely new unique creatures:

  • The dullahan, the legendary headless horseman in search of vengeance

  • The sluagh, raven winged fey of bloodshed and warfare

  • The pooka, a fey horse capable of flight and ideal for high level paladin mountss

  • The bloodbear, a firbolg blessed with the power of the moon to transform into a werebear

Though this adventure can be used with only official Wizards of the Coast products, content from my other supplements can add extra dimension can be added to the adventure:

Lords and Ladies  Fey Compendium I  Fey Compendium I  Fey Compendium II: Hags

A huge thanks to Joel Chaim Holtzman for the fantastic work on the cover illustration!

Thanks to homebrewery for creating such a fantastic website.

This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $2.00


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