Cities of Myth: Elements of Albion

Elements of Albion is bestiary expansion for Cities of Myth: Fallen Camelot. With 17 new creatures encompassing some of the most ancient British myths and legends, this product can be inserted into any campaign.

This product features lore for all of the following creatures, and includes art for most of them:

The Ankou. CR 21; the celtic version of the Grim Reaper.

Broonie. CR 1; Helpful housemate. Will curse you if you don’t appreciate them.

Blue Cap. CR 3; Fae miners who where blue knit caps. Can turn into flames.

Cu-Sith. CR 3; Black dogs of death.

The Dark Fool. CR 21; A haunting spellcaster that uses illusion and deception to frighten.

Earth Dragon. CR 17; Extremely rare dragon that lives in the mountains.

Fachan.CR 2; One-legged, territorial giant.

Grindylow. CR 7; Amphibious orgre-like creatures.

Lantern Man. CR 4; Cold fire will-o-wisps.

Leanan Sidhe. CR 4; Genderfluid land sirens.

Nuckelavee. CR 19; Fiendish fusion of horse and humanoid.

Salamander. CR 3; Firelizard.

Skrat. CR 1; Mischevious, gem-hoarding fae cat.

Spriggan. CR 6; Chaotic, mischevious fae. Traditionally tree-like.

Swan Maiden. CR 2; Shape-shifters and protectors of nature.

Sylph. CR 1; Air spirit.

Water Leaper. CR 3; Swamp dwelling bat-like toads.

This product is produced by Realmwarp Media and is priced at $5.95


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