Code of Violence

Bedlam is bleeding.  Two years ago a police scandal shook Bedlam City to its roots.  Now there’s been a new incident and riots are about to erupt in its streets.

But just as things are at their darkest, your superhero team stumbles on a ray of light.  If you can keep the witness code-named “Officer X” alive for the next three days, you won’t just solve the present crisis, you’ll finally have a shot at making Bedlam City a better place for everyone.  All you have to do is destroy the city’s greatest hero…

Welcome back to the Iron Age of comics!  That dark era where every masked vigilante wore belts covered in pouches and carried a gun it would take three men to lift.  The days when good guys wore black—and nothing else.  When everyone’s biceps were bigger than their heads.  When “tormented” was every superhero’s middle name.

In the spirit of those grimdark days, we give you “Code of Violence.”  This huge, steaming pile of two-fisted superhero adventure weighs in at 167 pages.  It gives you four brutal superbattles, with maps and lavishly detailed instructions.  There are also eight supervillains and dozens of other NPCs ready to help, hinder or get accidently mowed down by your heroes. 

Plus, a complete room-by-room map of a sleazy apartment building, an unflinching look at America’s least-favorite fast-food restaurant and two masked vigilantes ready to brood on the rooftop of your choice.  And of course angst, angst and yet more angst!  Because what Iron Age adventure would be complete without it?!

We also have a detailed guide to the Bedlam City setting in the back of the book, so you won’t have to buy the main book to run this adventure.  In fact all you’ll need is a copy of Savage Worlds and a couple of friends to start punching evil in the chops tonight!

This product is produced by Plain Brown Wrapper Games and is priced at $4.95


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