Pool Party (One Page Adventure)

Three friends were found dead in a hotel pool. Their bodies had several marks of aggression, which suggests that they were murdered. One of the hotel employees found the bodies floating in the pool, around 7:30 am.
The young men were last seen at a party the night before that had about fifteen guests. The victims are Alex Turnan, 22, Alice Copler, 23 and Joshua Spencer, 17.

CSI Stories is a collection of short stories for storytelling and Role-Playing Games (RPG) made specifically for the investigative/crime genre of scenarios. To play this story you’ll need one player to be the Storyteller, who will give you information about the story, clues and etc, and 2 to 5 players to play the roles of the Investigators, all of which are CSIs with different expertises. Also you’ll be needing a RPG system and for that we recommend an investigative focused one to make it easier like Ephemeros: Crime Scene Investigation, which can be found at www.targetrole.com.

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