This map was the second place winner in the Julymapcontest (2020) over on the D&D/RPG Maps facebook group. 

The towns of Ellacott Landing and newly named Queenspont have existed peacefully for generations. However, with the recent succession of power, the Queen has usurped the Eastern town through economic prosperity and has pushed copious resources into constructing the Queenspont Bridge. But not all have been swayed by the financial charm of royal rule.  A collection of citizens on both sides of the river have taken to the streets to warn of the dangers from surrendering sovereignty.  From the shadows of Ellacott Landing a dedicated group of underground Nationalist’s disgruntled with the limited progress of the protestors, now struggles to destabilize the Queens stranglehold on their city.  

With the river remaining as the only barrier between the two factions, both race towards their ultimate goal.  Whose side are you on?


  • Four full colour maps (3 Players and 1 Game Masters versions)
  • Background information

  • A list of locations

  • 18 ready to go missions (9 Queen’s Guard, 9 Nationalists)

This “ready to print”, premade drop in location is great for any system.

Overall product image


This product is produced by Wolfhill Entertainment and is priced at $1.75


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