SleepyOni: Wasteland Roads

SleepyOni presents Wasteland Roads, a post-nuclear isometric mapset in .png and .jpg format.  A total of 240 hand-drawn elements, focused on a post-apocalyptic and retro futurist aesthetic.

Includes broken-down roads, an abandoned gas station, scrap-built wall sections, and over 100 additional map elements as well as several pre-fab structures and assemblies. 

All ground/floor elements come in three flavors: a default 1-meter grid, the always popular 5-ft grid, and gridless.

Also includes ALL base elements used for prefabs and structures, allowing you, yes YOU, to remix and/or modify those elements.

Sold as a single ZIP file.

This product is produced by SleepyOni and is priced at $7.99


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