The Insectiary

The Insectiary is a system-agnostic collection of weird, vicious, nasty and pestilent insects that you can use in any traditional roleplaying game. One insect and its respective description per spread. No more. No less. 

Are your players BUGGING you? Throw them one of these insects and they will probably leave your table. Here’s your chance. 


  • 16 insects with individual descriptions and effects
  • Random tables for insect names, insect colours and insect sounds 
  • A minimalist rules system on how to play the bugs

By Andre Novoa (17th century minimalist, Death Robot Jungle), Pipo Kimkiduk (Portuguese illustrator and tattoo artist) and lina&nando (Games Omnivorous in-house designer).

This product is produced by Games Omnivorous and is priced at $4.50


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