A Shadow Over the Greatwood

PUBLISHER NOTE (7/6/20): The original upload had an incorrect map (map 22) which has been corrected. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Trouble is brewing in the Rosewood Highlands. Wild Animals, usually timid and shy around the encroaching wave of human civilization, have become very hostile, attacking with no provocation whatsoever. More concerning is the fact that predators and prey are running in packs together. To top it all off, Old Joby swears he was some kind of beast-man up north of Gabon’s Ridge… and then he says a cougar was talking to the other day and then it exploded! (Of course, Old Joby is drunk a lot…)

A Shadow Over the Greatwood is a sandbox adventure for characters levels 5-7 and was written for Swords & Wizards in the Highlands, a Swords & Wizards Rules Variant.

17 specific adventure locations

20+ NPCs, potential allies and foes

70+ New Magic Items

This product is produced by Rosethrone Publishing and is priced at $3.99


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