Amazing Power: Vehicle Powers (Super-Powered by M&M)

Vehicle Powers put a Hero behind the wheel, allowing them to embrace their inner speed demon and take command of a mean machine! From the hell-fuelled engines of demonic bikers to the high stakes’ feats performed by a family of street racers, Vehicle Powers imbue machines with amazing abilities and grant Hero’s  the skills to drive them with maximum efficiency. 

This sourcebook contains:

  • Expanded Vehicle Descriptors and Vehicle Features

  • Offensive Powers: King of the Road and Road Killer

  • Defensive Powers: Defensive Driver, Magic Mechanic, Ride Eternal and two more powers

  • Movement Powers:Crossroader,  Ghost Engine, Vertical Drive and five more powers

  • Utility Powers: Buttons Galore! Reaction Time and Summon Ride

  • Other Powers: Shiny & Chrome and Vehicle Form

  • War Complications: Jalopy, Gear Nut Speed Freak and two more complications

This product is produced by LPJ Design and is priced at $1.99


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