Astrology of the Realms


Astrology of The Realms
New mechanics inspired by the Egyptian, Welsh, and Western zodias—as well as new, specialized zodiacs for Eberron and Faerun.

Inside of Astrology of the Realms, you will find everything you need to introduce astrology into your campaigns for that extra layer of depth and character customization. Each zodiac has tips for adapting them to any fantasy calendar, and a number of ways to utilize them including:
Replacements for racial ASIs
New backgrounds, and background modifications
New feats
9 new subclasses
and 23 new magic items!

From the mind of project lead Lydia Van Hoy (@LydiaVanHoy1), Astrology of the Realms also features writers Ciarra Parry (@CiarraParry), Kayla Bayens (@JustThinkingKay), and Jackson Lewis (@HoneyBadger3495). Find us on Twitter and share all your astrological dreams with us!

Eberron Astrology Astrology in Faerun Egyptian Astrology 

Western Astrology Welsh Astrology

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