Big Trouble Supplement – Sandcastle Defense


The tiny heroes have found the Star Stone and retreated to their sandcastle base. They must now build up the defenses and prepare for the incoming hordes. The Ostrumite hive mind has taken control of the beach animals and will stop at nothing to get the Star Stone. Can your mice-sized heroes come up with a stategy to hold off the monsters and protect the stone?

Sandcastle Defense is a tower defense game for the Big Trouble RPG series that features multiple modes of play for beginning and advanced players alike. Included in this supplement is everything a Big Trouble or Hero Kids GM needs to get their players started.

  • Sandcastle Defense Rulebook
  • Starter Scenario
  • GM Cheatsheet
  • Tips for adapting to Hero Kids Fantasy RPG play
  • Large Crafted Item cards (pre-filled and blank)
  • 3 new heroes (Surfer, Marine Biologist and Sand Sculptor)
  • 4 new monsters (Mutant Sand Flea, Mutant Sand Worm, Sandpiper and Dungeness Crab)
  • 4 part game map

All hero/monster cards and minis are in both color and black & white. Printer Friendly version included.

Requires: Big Trouble Settings Guide and Rules 

This product is produced by B Drone Games and is priced at $0.99


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