Charlotte by Night

Edition: Vampire: The Masquerade – 20th Anniversary Edition (V20)

Once, Charlotte was an unremarkable town in the center of North Carolina. During the Civil War, military factories transformed the city into an industrial powerhouse. Charlotte did not cling to a romanticized vision of its antebellum past after the war, but instead embraced closer commercial and cultural ties with its Yankee neighbors on the Atlantic shoreline. In the 1970s, deregulation lured investment from the corporate world, including major banks, and today Charlotte rivals Wall Street with its advanced banking sector. As a major metropolis of the New South, the Queen City is a thriving city with a bright future ahead.

Yet there is a cancer growing inside Charlotte, wicked and potent, present there since its colonial beginnings. A triple alliance of Toreador, Ventrue, and Tremere elders dominate local Camarilla politics, their political approaches as archaic as their thinking. Tensions with the other clans are boiling to the surface after centuries of harsh repression. While bloodshed has yet to spill onto the streets, the backroom intrigues and growing schemes could be just as destabilizing to the triple alliance.


Charlotte by Night includes:

  • A list of notable NPCs in Charlotte, including the tyrannical Queen Phoebe;
  • A thorough but concise history of the Camarilla in Charlotte;
  • An outline of the major neighborhoods of Charlotte, with Kindred domains; and
  • Storytelling suggestions for running a politically themed, family drama game.

This product is produced by White Wolf and is priced at $5.00


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