Chase Across Ghelspad – Vengeance of the Shunned Side Quests

When the quiet village of Durgan’s Rest is rocked by a sudden explosion, the heroes discover the foul plot of a power-mad wizard who seeks to steal the might of a titan! Soon, the party is thrust into conflict with Maghiel the Shunned, a veteran of the Titanswar who seeks to rule all of Ghelspad. The shunned Drendali is willing to risk rousing the titans to achieve her aims. Can your adventurers stop her?

Over 20 community content creators have banded together to bring this full-length campaign to the Slarecian Vault! Vengeance of the Shunned takes your adventurers across Ghelspad on a quest to end the greatest threat to the world since the Titanswar!

Chase Across Ghelspad includes:

   •    Eight side-quests that take the player characters across Ghelspad
   •    A new Planar Index for Scarred Lands or any 5e setting
   •    New magic items and spells from the Scarred Lands
   •    Adventure content from some of the finest authors working on 5e
compatible materials, including Anne Gregersen, Anthony Alipio, Cameron Blair, Catherine Evans, Dave Coulson, Hal Howard, Jessica Marcrum, Jessica Ross, R P Davis and Scarred Lands Line Developer Travis Legge.

For more information on the Slarecian Vault community content program and how to publish your own Scarred Lands supplements, click here!

This product is produced by Onyx Path Publishing and is priced at $9.95


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