Cities of Myth (5e): Corruption Begone!

Cities of Myth: Corruption Begone is a tier 1 one-shot adventure set in the Fallen Camelot world. In this adventure, the Explorers are tasked with helping a village feeling the effects of aberrant corruption, a unique Cities of Myth mechanic that gives a post-apocalyptic feel to the world. Crops have started wilting, skies are darkening, and spellcasting is starting to fail.

The village threatens to be ripped apart not only by the encroaching corruption, but by the internal strife and biases of the village. The explorers will have to choose sides if they are to free the village and prevent the further spread of corruption. Will their diplomacy, wit, and strength be enough?

This adventure includes:

– Information about aberrant corruption

– A 4ish hour adventure that combines social, exploration, and combat encounters.

– One VTT compatible map.

– Two statblocks for aberrant creatures.

This product is produced by Realmwarp Media and is priced at $2.95


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