Codex Fantasia: Dominus Duodecim (Anime-Inspired Character Options)

This 45-page PDF includes 12 new subclasses, such as:

  • The Rulebreaker Barbarian, whose rage alters the very fabric of reality
  • The College of Influence Bard, who takes charm and control to a whole new level
  • The Iconoclast Cleric, whose magic eschews and combats divine influence
  • The Circle of the Streets Druid, a native of the urban jungle
  • The Courier Fighter Archetype, a high-rise combatant who swings across the battlefield using grappling hooks
  • The Spectre Monk Tradition, whose martial arts allow them to pierce the ethereal
  • The Oath of Defiance Paladin, a protector of the disenfranchised
  • The Outlaw Conclave Ranger, who can ride down any foe
  • The Phantom Rogue, who achieves impossible deeds with sheer style and audacity
  • The Anarch Bloodline Sorcerer, a firestarter whose magic is infused with an explosive spark
  • The Revolution Warlock Patron, who exemplifies the spirit of change and a brand new Warlock Pact Boon, the Pact of the Mask
  • The Informant Wizard, whose skill at acquiring and manipulating hidden knowledge is non-pareil

Codex Fantasia: Dominus Duodecim also contains a dozen new spells, feats and maneuvers designed with action-packed, anime-style games in mind, and features cover art by renowned digital artist NeonBeat, as well as anime style illustrations for each subclass by talented creators from around the world. 

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