CORE Rules Deck: Encounters

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This month sees a new blank rules card for quick referencing added to the CORE RULES DECK collection. 

Together we have unlocked monthly encounters and as part of that goal, I have created an editable PDF Encounter Card. I will also be organising the print run of the Cards too. 

I will be adding the PDF to Octobers Monthly Reward Pack. I am hoping to create an encounter for you to use in your games too. 

I do apologise for the lack of posts this month but I had a Wedding to plan, Honeymoon to go on and I have been working hard to complete the StarGuard Comic Kickstarter which is due to go to print end of October.

The Monthly Pack is getting ram packed with some amazing stuff! I have completed the Tokens I have some Art Cards for you all.. I am about to do a Perk and a new rule as well! 

There is also some Halloween discount codes and the GM Screen Inserts too… All to look forward to this month.

Also, we are only $18! away from our next Goal!


  • Once this goal is unlocked, I will create a CORE RPG Race Card, once a month! Chosen by the Patreon Investors by way of polls.
  • I will then supply the Full Colour, Fully Illustrated, Card for FREE to all GMD Online Patreon Investors Tier Depending (See Below)
  • This will be supplied both digitally and as a printed product.
  • Each month will see a new Race created for use with the CORE RPG!

Adventurers Website Access only.
Champions will gain Digital version.
Hērōs and above will receive a printed version.

I am thinking of adding a new Tier of support: GMD Member which grants access to the Patreon Discord Channel, early game access and Name in the books! This will replace Adventurer as $1.50 

The Adventurer will be promoted to $4 (£3) and be granted digital versions of all Art Cards, Rule Deck PDFs and Digital Rules sheets too as well as Digital Tokens.

What do you all think of this? Please leave your comments below for discussion or send me a private message on Discord.

GM Draeus


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